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In addition to the wonderful universal resources such as New Thought Library, there are also many resources which are managed by individual ministries around the globe. Resources being managed by particular New Thought Sharers will often have graphics such as these below: When you see graphics such as these, click on them, explore them. If you like the work of a particular New Thought Sharer, such as their Divine Journal, or New Thought Stream, click on the green "Support this ministry" graphic, leap to their contribution page and support that sharer to do more such works to support your journey. These enable visitors to tithe directly to that the ministries you love, as well as explore other resources that community has activated.

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Networked New Thought Sharers (teachers, practitioners, ministers and writers) are increasingly discovering the secrets to success that some of their colleagues have been using for years. The NewThought.Net/work Serving New Thought. These New Thought Sharers are participating in the Conscious Ministry program and the Silent Changes Evolution. New Thought Participants are gaining access to the patrons of the New Thought Library and over 200 other resources managed by New Thought volunteers around the globe. Networked sharers are the movers and shakers behind the major New Thought Resources which power the entire New Thought Movement. Networked sharers are growing New Thought globally.

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The public loves the New Thought News resources and the way they are managed.

There is an ancient law articulated in a century long ago:

"The love you get is in direct proportion to the love you give."

Thus it follows participants always gain more than those sitting on the sidelines or the fence.